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Fun and Interactive Intro to DISC
Start the conversation around communication dynamics in a light and entertaining (yet powerful) session for your business, professional association or group.

Drill Down Strategy Sessions
Full or half day sessions provide deeper insight into the DISC principles, and include practical application for business and life. 

Personal and Group 
Placement  Assessments
Ensure employees are well placed within the organization, and personal satisfaction in the workplace is maximized. 


Quickly dISCover communication styles & close the sale
Building trust, and understanding people is the source of all great service and sales. With a personal closing ratio of 90%, you'll learn how to quickly identify your potential client's communication style through an engaging and powerful process that can be put into action immediately.  
One hour to half day program.

Thoughtfully Serve Your Clients
Most businesses pride themselves on 'good customer service', but what does that really mean? How DO you serve your clients?  And is what you're doing actually feeling like service to the receiver? In this session, create overall service protocol for your business, and DISCover how to REALLY serve your clients on an individual basis so you create lifelong relationships in your business.
One hour to half day program. 

DISC Personality Basics
Gain instant insight on the four basic personality quadrants. Understanding these basics will help with both business and personal relatedness. Great for anyone who knows a human!
One hour to half day program. 

Boost Your Business M.O. Mojo
This Full-Day 5 Step drill down session will give you all the tools you need to (re)invent your current position in the marketplace. With a focus on building your business from the inside out, you'll learn how to maximize your strengths, and access your blindspots for a more powerful, purposeful, and natural approach to doing business. 
Full Day program. 

Celebrate People. Don't Just Tolerate Them!
This signature Keynote is the start of my personal journey into self-DISCovery.
Despite many years of communications training, I found that while I was communicating, most of the time I just tolerated people, because I had failed to learn the distinction of how others heard.  
Finding DISC was the first truly empowering source of confirmation into who I really am, and the power of how I'm naturally built. This allowed me to stretch myself into unpredictable and (now) hilarious scenarios (like that time I auditioned for The Lion King) that has shaped the way I see myself in all my glorious wackiness. 
Seeing myself allowed me to see others in all their brilliance. And instead of just tolerating people, I celebrate them. 
Thirty minutes to one hour. 

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Events are quoted individually, based on Group Size, Location, Assessments, and More.

What Clients Are Saying​​​​

Loved your DISC class.  Quite an eye opener.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and how other perceive me.

C. A. Barnes

Floral Designer

Confidently knowing (DISC) allows me to better communicate with potential clients - it changes the dialogue that I have with them dramatically.
I am currently seeing the highest volume of inquires that my business has ever experienced. With that of the inquiries that I was willing/able to work with, my conversion is 100%. WHAT!?

Sara S.

DISC was so simple and easy and clear. Your presentation, fantastic!

Amanda C.

Thank you so much for the session last night. I really enjoyed it and my eyes are open to new methods of communicating!

Angie A.


Thank you so much for an enlightening talk and discovery session. Using the DISC personality test is a great jumping off point for outlining one's personality traits.

Tanya B.

I really enjoyed your seminar yesterday. It gave me valuable insight into myself and my client. Thank you! 

Melissa B.

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Events are quoted individually, based on Group Size, Location, Assessments, and More.