Celebrate people. 
Don't just tolerate them.

I'm a speaker, presenter, and a knowledge-sharer at heart. 
The through-line of everything I've done has always been about communication.

With more than seven years of communications training, and thirty years of practical application as a teacher, actor (jazz hands!), and wedding planner, these tools and experience have helped me become a
master communicator.

I've learned a thing or two about how to stand out from the crowd. Your audition IS your performance, and you might not get a second chance to win over your audience or client. You have to hear and be heard, every time.

After my husband introduced me to the DISC method of communication more than a decade ago (when we first began dating), it became woven into our personal lives, and expanded into every relationship going forward, personal or otherwise.

Jennifer R Maxwell

As a result of bringing these skills into my business, I maintained a 90% closing ratio when meeting potential clients. 

The DISC method of understanding self and others is scientifically proven, and has significantly impacted my life in remarkable ways.
It is my goal to share these valuable tools with others in a effort to help business owners improve their bottom line, and their business (and personal) relationships.

Using online or manual personality assessments tools, I help others DISCover who THEY are so they can understand, attract, book, and serve their perfect clients fully, with ease and authenticity, and feel fulfilled in their work and life.

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